Navigating diabetes management through learning

E-Learning platform is Malaysia's first e-learning platform dedicated to educating and raising awareness on diabetes management with insulin. This e-learning platform is developed by Sanofi in partnership with Malaysian Diabetes Educators Society of Malaysia.

Gaining confidence for better diabetes control

With patients’ wellbeing as our top priority, has been developed to equip patients, families/caregivers, and healthcare teams with knowledge and confidence in using insulin for the management of diabetes. also aims at dispelling any doubts patients have on insulin therapy. Understanding insulin use will help patients gain better control of their blood sugar levels, which is key to good diabetes management and better quality of life.

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The e-learning modules provide comprehensive information that patients and caregivers need to know about diabetes management with insulin, including lifestyle changes, recognising early signs of low blood sugar level, the importance of insulin, and tips on using insulin.

The discovery of insulin 100 years ago has transformed the lives of people with diabetes. However, there remain many myths and misperceptions surrounding insulin use. Common concerns include fear of injections, the belief that insulin is for people with more serious diabetes, and the impact of insulin on daily routines.

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Informative videos

Providing learners with knowledge on the role and benefits of insulin for the management of diabetes.

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Fun activities

Bringing more fun and engagement to learning through mini games and quizzes.

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On-the-go access

Offering anyone, anywhere, 24/7 access to online learning on any device.

Start your learning journey today will show you all you need to know about the benefits of using insulin for diabetes management and dispel any doubts you have. Get started on your learning adventure with us today!